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Projects and solutions for LED light decorations

Idolight is a global industry leading company in the realization of projects and solutions in the universe of LED light decorations of urban spaces, commercial areas, buildings, happenings and events. 

Idolight’s Artistic Direction is proudly Italian: all of the products and projects bound for worldwide locations are conceived and drawn in its Headquarter, based in Reggio Emilia. Here, solutions for urban and commercial light decoration of some of the world’s most exclusive locations are created and designed. In 2018 the company increased its production potential by inaugurating a brand new facility, strengthening therefore its Made in Italy concept, empowering quality and care for the detail. Two of Idolight’s most remarkable and distinctive traits.

The efficiency of the company’s presence on the global market, its timeliness focused logistics and the management of customer relations are guaranteed by an integrated structure of commercial, production, storage and distribution branches in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Idolight’s products are firmly focused on infusing emotions by enhancing the beauty of in-and-outdoor spaces, entwining the most recent LED technologies and the finest Italian Design.

Customers are followed in all of the planning stages by an entourage of highly qualified designer and technicians, always ready to offer exclusive customized solutions.

Be Inspired!

Every idea comes to life by a genuine inspiration that comes from the beauties the eye can catch… The privilege of being an Italian company, born and raised in the cradle of design, guarantees each and every one of Idolight’s creations a constant fusion of vintage beauty and innovative creativity.

Explore some of the most remarkable installations created with the company’s products and develop the solution that fits your desires!

Fine art solutions

LED Decorations

The ideal solution for your needs

Idolight’s design is always up-to date with the ever changing trends and styles of the light decoration industry.
The Idolight Design office is constantly monitoring the changing market, always trying to understand and match potential customer’s desires.
Capitalising expertise and experience over years, our Design Team follows step by step the customer while planning the most adequate solutions.

From draft to engineering

Idolight design and technical area

Achieving perfection together

Idolight’s catalogue is composed of a wide range of LED products and 3D decorations of any size: innovative and technologically vanguarding products realized with top quality material and finishes, specifically conceived for the satisfaction of a vast variety of tastes and needs, planned for the most diverse fields of interest. The expertise developed over the years allows the company to optimally care for any kind of customer, guaranteeing a high level of trustworthiness.

Idolight globally distinguish itself for its operational approach and its ability of building deep and trust-based relations with its customers.

The company’s team of graphic designers and technicians are the best partner in achieving valuable results, thanks to their professionalism and their ability to turn interesting yet hard challenges into original, valuable and creative opportunities.  

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