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Idolight –
10 October 2019
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A journey through the most delicious collection!

There is no Christmas without sweetness

Idolight’s Candyland Collection turns every location into a cozy, loving, merry place. Little delights made out of fanciful shapes, finished with lively shades of garlands and inserts, animate urban spaces, themed parks and shopping centers, throughout the day and the night

From red to green, from blue to white, a rainbow of LED lights where every space, warm or cold, comes alive with candies, biscuits and sweet frostings: a line full of products designed from the oldest traditions and fairy tales. Because, you know, just a spoonful of sugar is enough to turn Christmas into Magic.

A sweet Family of 3D decorations, customizable in both colours and finishes, to create a funny, vintage but yet full of elegance, perfect setting.

FLAN 200, the latest addition of the family, the perfect set for a souvenir picture fits wonderfully with the most appreciated product of the collection: ZENZY 350, the crossable little cottage ideal for any promenade under the banner of sweetness that welcomes young and old.