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Idolight –
6 May 2020
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A project exclusively for you

Unique specifications that cannot be fulfilled by off-the-shelf products

The key to success of a project is to amaze and strike a chord: Idolight helps its customers to realise their ideas, translating them in installations of sure emotional impact. This process can only work if we start planning ahead the perfect Christmas!

Starting from the definition of a theme, we will keep working to realise the suitable proposal for your needs. We know that all the situations are different and that each customer is unique: therefore is normal that our catalogue, no matter how extensive it is, can’t perfectly cover all the necessities. Idolight will always guarantee you an original and exclusive installation, putting in place also the personalisation of existing products’ frame, with new lights and effects, and the realisations of new products from original designs.

The possibilities to wrap your city in a glamorous Christmas mood are endless! Customise the finishes of an existing product, such as Hally 600 in its Color-X version, will allow you to bewitch passers-by thanks to light effects, ready to be captured with a click on your smartphone; or again, portals and crossable products could lead customers inside playful scenarios that will grab the attention of adults and children. Every detail will be defined in advance and we will guide you step by step up to the installation of what will become a successful project.

What are you waiting for? Hasten to submit on My Idolight your request for a tailor-made solution and make sure to have a memorable Christmas this year too! You have until June, 1st: we will be glad to offer you our best custom solutions!