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Idolight –
16 October 2019
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An elegant project for a polished shopping experience

Idolight checks-in among the most renowned brands

Consistently with the well tested tradition of decorating the most eminent outlets and shopping centers, on last year Idolight realized the Christmas light staging at Vicolungo The Style Outlets.

The project, natural accomplishment of a two-year partnership meant to supply the centre with the best light decoration solutions, focused on the elegance of warm white as a dominant colour, in harmony with the prestige and the refinement of the hosted brands.

The focus on low impact solutions was the centre of gravity in this staging: loose light components, free from the structured motif, and mid or small sized decorations have been preferred in order to smoothly interact with all those valuable decorative elements within the outlet itself, such as tree, bushes, flowerbeds and architecturals. The only space reserved for traditional huge decorations was at the gates of the centre itself.

The prevailing use of warm white colour was capable of guaranteeing to the entire project a distinctive refined touch, ideal to create a magic atmosphere to cuddle visitors during their Christmas time shopping.