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Idolight –
6 November 2020
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Aurora 3D Spheres: Dare to combine

Aurora 3D spheres are now available in 8 bright LED color combinations, 6 different sizes and 3 different technologies. 

Thanks to the special foldable * aluminum structure, new possibilities open up for efficient and sustainable logistics management.  

Aurora is available in three different technologies, Traditional Static LED, Sparkling LED and Colorful RGB LED. 

The compositional possibilities are many thanks to the many modules available: 
Rigid aluminum structure for Aurora 25cm and Aurora 40cm; 
Foldable aluminum structure for Aurora 60cm, Aurora 100cm, Aurora 150cm and Aurora 200cm *

Six different sizes, from ⌀25cm to ⌀200cm make the Aurora 3D spheres suitable for the most diverse contexts of use, bringing simplicity, versatility and aesthetic quality to any type of environment. 

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