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Idolight –
4 April 2019
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Back to Cartagena

Once again Idolight is proud of putting its signature on Cartagena’s Christmas Lightings.

This year, the metropolis has chosen to focus on the travel concept, expressing its desire to decorate the most significant places with jaw-dropping realizations.

Starting from this concept, Idolight Design Team created huge customized products with an unquestionable astonishing effect.

Our journey around the world begin with Parque de La Marina, where the centerpieces of this staging rule. Entering the plaza, at first we meet MALETA 500, a six meter tall – five meter wide giant crossable suitcase, which is the gateway of the park. Maleta is lit by low voltage white and warm white LED strings, with its details finished with white LED rope light. Its regular geometries are embellished by garlands and its gold painted frame and inserts.

Walking on, we are captivated by FLUG 2000, a real size air bus. This plane, which is with no doubt one of the most ambitious Idolight’s creations, entwines its majestic size – twenty meters long, five meters tall and with a nineteen meters wingspan – with the gleam of its white LEDs and, in the central part of its fuselage an immersive and astonishing Color-X  light tunnel, Idolight’s RGB controllable and programmable technology. This feature, alongside the 1:1 plane’s great visual impact, turned FLUG into the spearhead of a Christmas setting for a future oriented city.

Elegant in its design and its location, the last subject we find on the plaza is ERD 500. This light globe signed by Idolight, exploits the reflection on the water surface to create a matchless effect. ERD, five meters in diameter, shines bright thanks to its white and warm white LEDs, with Rope Light defining the shape of the continents.

Looking forward to meet you again in Cartagena next year, with even more awesome realizations, let us invite you to enjoy a selection of some of the most amazing pictures of this staging.