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Idolight –
11 July 2019
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Baroque Collection

A classic design with a timeless elegance

Idolight’s Baroque collection gathers the typical elements of those stagings conceived with a special focus on elegance. A wide range of chandeliers, well refined diamonds – in the most creative shapes and sizes, trees, designer hanging and street crossing decorations. Due to its unique features, this collection is dominated by warm white tints, gold coatings and silver accents on motif lit by cold white LEDs.

Baroque Collection contains all of the elements one can easily display in those contexts dominated by classic architectural spaces and therefore require a consistent and elegant solution. Thanks to their refined design however, Baroque decorations don’t fear the confrontation even with more modern contexts.

FABER 90 and 120 are remarkable best sellers in this collection. With their unique design they can be placed in both ancient and modern spaces, warm in their colours, gold painted and embellished by golden mirror inserts.

Another noteworthy article is GLACE 215, hanging chandelier distinguished by its lean and captivating shapes, lit by warm white LEDs and enriched with sinuous white Rope Light curls and blue finishes.

Baroque is a collection distinguished by its high level of design, which performs at its best in urban spaces, both in-and-outdoor.