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Idolight –
18 May 2018
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Beyond usual lights

Light decorations are our core business, but Idolight can offer so much more! We can also provide an extended range of other products and decorative accessories, suitable for interiors, to accommodate every customer’s need.

Elegant and refined, Inflatable Balloons allow to create stunning installations, thanks to their classic yet modern and captivating design. A wide range or colours and motives make possible combinations potentially endless and appropriate for each project.This product’s high quality, its maximum convenience and functionality, make Inflatable Balloon unique. The Balloon includes a small compressor in its inner part, which allows a simple and quick inflation, simply by connecting it to the mains.

Idolight invests time and resources in the R&D department, to discover and study new solutions able to guarantee efficiency and a greater performance of its products during and after the installations.

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