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Idolight –
4 April 2018
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Refinement and captivating design are the new Fahen Bush’s business card: this decorative bush is lit up by contrasting warm white LED string and white LED rope light and it’s fully decorated by a shining cover of limited garland and jewellery on a gold painted aluminium structure that highlight its preciousness.

Fahen Bush is available in two sizes: it’s the perfect product for malls’ decoration and it can match with Fahen Tree and the pole decor Fahen, to create a polished and elegant environment.

This product is easy to assemble and store, thanks to its interlocking frame which comes taken apart in a flat box. In the end, the entire structure is very steady in addition to being safe for people thanks to the low voltage illumination.

Just like in a garden, let’s flood your shopping centre with light and a touch of charme!