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Idolight –
9 November 2018
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Christmas in Cartagena

Cartagena De Indias, Colombia. One of the oldest cities among the new world. In this jewel of the Caribbeans, home of antique colonial memories and daring visions headed towards the future, Christmas has come.

The real magic atmosphere of this enchanted and legendary city couldn’t be settled for a mediocre staging. That’s the reason why Idolight realized, in Cartagena, a setting specifically conceived in harmony with architectures of this aged city.

Starting from the prestigious Camellon de los Martires promenade, surmounted by a ceiling of snow-white stars, we arrive at the gates of the old fortified citadel, guarded by the ancient Torre del Reloj, embellished by mighty gold and white Goldwin Gates, surrounded by an evocative warm white façade which clambers up to the top of the old clock tower.

For this location, Idolight design office reserved the spearhead of the entire project: Hally 1000 and its majestic tail Hally Tail 2200, with a daring 22 meter span, a height of 10m, equipped with versatile and polyhedric RGB LED lights, capable of radiating the municipality square with any colour human eyes can catch.
Thanks to the unicity of this project, to its refinement and its undisputed success, the Idolight – American Lighting project gave birth to a long-term oriented fellowship to adorn and decorate Cartagena’s Christmases in the years to come.
What does the future holds? Stay tuned to discover more…