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    Christmas shopping starts now

    Everybody loves to go shopping, particularly on Christmas time. The brisk air, the snow slowly falling from the sky, the spicy scents and the crowded streets bustling with people focused on the first gifts, wrap everything in a magical and charming atmosphere, especially if “warmed up” by the right light decoration.

    Idolight LED Icicle Effect is the right product for simple yet catchy acrossstreet decorations: it’s a versatile product, available in different dimensions, with Static or Flashing LED. It is extendable up to 60 meters with a single power supply, allowing maximum flexibility during installation and satisfying all the different needs.

    Idolight LED Icicle Effect matches perfectly with 2D decorations from SKY and WINTER collections, such as Mizar stars or Amethist snowflakes, which can be connected together thanks to Easy Joint system.

    Christmas is almost here! Hurry to “dress” your locations with Idolight products: holiday shopping starts with you!

    Other interesting opportunities that you will find available

    Discover the new RGB products with DMX technology! Here are some 2016 installation videos

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