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    Cluster Light

    LED CL 60 “cluster light” represents the simplest and most flexible decoration in the Idolight’s LED PRO products range.

    This rich and impressive string allows a 360-degree illumination, thanks to LEDs placed closer than our standard ones, that fill all the length of the cluster. It is ideal to create the effect of “festoon” and it also allows you to decorate trees, crossings, buildings and light garlands.
    The string LED CL-60 enables to create a great visual impact thanks to its thin and rich shape, ensuring originality and elegance to the project, without heaviness.

    In addition, the LED CL-60 meets the quality and technological standards that is characteristic of Idolight’s products: Easy Joint connectors allow to combine all Idolight’s products in a simple, safe and resistant way, thanks to rubber protection cables.
    Allow your creativity to flow and get inspired through our E-Catalogue!

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