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Idolight –
12 October 2023
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Dancing in the Sky

Stars and Snowflakes of pure light to bright up this long-awaited Christmas

Chase the comet to find the most eagerly awaited Christmas.

The festive season is approaching and with it the opportunity to transform streets, squares, buildings and shopping centres into enchanted worlds.

Among the countless decoration options for outdoor and indoor solutions, Idolight gives back people the desire to go out and experience the magic of traditional light decorations, with stars and snowflakes that create a fairytale atmosphere in any environment.

Twinkling celestial stars

Stars, which have always been a symbol of hope and desire, have a timeless charm. That’s why they are always the right choice to evoke Christmas and festivities in general: places are decorated with dream and wonder.

Their lights catch the eye and add a touch of elegance and mystery to any place.

Enchanted snowflakes turn normality into magic

Winter is coming and with it Christmas, the desire to go out with scarf and hat, experience the old towns, go shopping and have a drink with family and friends.

Idolight gives the ‘Wow’ effect of enchantment and surprise of the snow. Snowflakes, as icon of the winter period, are the illumination that can’t be missed in this fantastic festive season.

Idolight with its luminous stars and snowflakes decorations brings wonder to cities all over the world. With their elegance and splendour, these decorations convey the desire to be a part of it, to experience the decorated spaces, to take a souvenir photo and to stop enchanted to look around.

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