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Idolight –
2 August 2021
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e-SWITCH: Manage Your installations remotely

Full control of Your installations

Manage Your installations remotely, programming daily switch-on and off or for Special Events through our brand-new e-SWITCH system.
Full control of Your installations from Your smartphone, PC and tablet through the Idolight Cloud Service and the Web-App.

How does it work?

  1. Install an e-SWITCH device for every installation
  2. Create Your account in Idolight® Cloud Service
  3. Connect all e-SWITCH devices through Web-App
  4. Easily program the daily Switch on/off calendar on each device other than Special Events with personalized settings
  5. Monitor the proper functioning of the system and trend of consumptions directly from smartphone, PC and tablet
  6. Extract, save and print the reports for analyse consumption data

Don’t waste time, call us now to automate the management of your next installations