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Idolight –
5 April 2022
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Frame unforgettable moments in unique Selfies with Vision 200

Spring has arrived and with the first warm weather,
the desire and opportunities to go out and meet increase every day more…

Capture a fantastic moment with the Vision 200, a 200×230 cm frame with built-in platform, decorated with iridescent white petals and illuminated with Smart RGB LEDs. A Selfie Point, unique and beautiful both by day and by night.
The aluminum structure ensures a limited weight making Vision 200 easily transportable, the glossy white powder coating ensures impeccable aesthetics and great durability over time.
The Smart RGB system allows different lighting programs already programmed in the product control unit.

Make your space irresistible with Vision 200!

Buy Online and save 15%

If you buy Vision 200 online by 30/04/2022
You will get an additional 15% discount using the code VIS15
Enter the code below directly
in the field of the checkout area
of your order.

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