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Idolight –
3 August 2022
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Geometries of light

Decoart collection, refined and timeless elegance

Suggestive pendant decorations made by hand and painted aluminum, elegant games of materials, lights and geometries give life to new trends and shapes.

White and warm white LED lights to crystallize the aesthetics of timeless elegance.
The purity and simplicity of the structures invite you to create suggestive and enchanting games and cascades of light.
The final effect is made even more spectacular if the strings of lights are hung at different heights, arousing a unique and unexpected dynamism.

The geometries of light frame decorations of absolute excellence where detail becomes the protagonist. Once again the simplicity of the geometry wins the eye of the observer making it perfect in any environment.
The production is the result of a 100% process made in Italy, for decorations that never go out of fashion.

The collection is made up of numerous other proposals that manage to create a perfect combination of materials, transparencies and geometries.
Watchwords: simplicity and timeless elegance.

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