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Idolight –
29 January 2021
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Idolight Live Showroom 2021

What is Idolight Live Showroom 

A new exhibition experience for our customers from all over the world.  Customers who cannot visit our offices are welcome to use our One – to – One Showroom digital streaming.  A live video and audio meeting with our Sales Assistants connected with you directly from the Idolight Showroom in Italy.  

Apply now 

Write an email to and request your appointment with the day and time of your availability for the Streaming Showroom. Please include your name, company name, address, telephone number and country.

Receive our confirmation by e-mail within three working days. We will send you the link to connect in the Showroom Streaming.

Click on the link you received in the confirmation email and you will be connected to Idolight Live Showroom. Please make an appointment to allow us to prepare in advance

We are waiting for you, do not miss it!