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  • Professional LED products, discover the new Easy Joint IP67 connection system

  • Programmable RGB DMX LED products

  • Controllable RGB DMX LED products

  • Giant and Crossable LED decorations

  • LED Selfie boards for unforgettable memories

  • A rich range of accessories to enrich and adorn our products

Idolight is a global brand of decorative illumination products, projects and solutions for commercial areas, urban spaces, buildings, happenings and events.

Idolight’s headquarter is set in Emilia Romagna district, Italy, the beating heart of creativity and production of the country: home to institutions of excellence on a global scale, with whom Idolight confronts itself since more than 10 years, which create a stimulating background and from which the company got inspired by while developing its business model.

The efficient presence on the global market, the punctuality and an accurate management of customer relations are guaranteed by an integrated structure of commercial, production, storage and distribution branches in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

The most stylish solution for any kind of staging

Retail and Commercial Spaces

Cities and Suburbs

Great Happenings

Work Together

An easy and neat path leading to turn-key solutions.

Using Idolight’s services is the best way to fully exploit the potential our business system can offer. This system is built on competence, velocity and efficiency at operational stages, and makes possible to define guaranteed results from start to finish.

  • Identification of the main purposes of the project

    Listening, identification of real needs and evaluation of a budget.

  • Presentation

    Processing and presenting the project alongside the estimated economic proposal.

  • Realization

    Manufacture starts. Designers grant a constant check from the draft stage to the final definition of finishes, passing through the production of the structure.

  • After-sales

    Technical assistance on projects and products is provided by Idolight’s entourage of highly qualified technicians or representatives on the territory.

  • Milan

  • Florence

  • Agrigento

  • Rome

  • Naples

  • Rome

  • Bologna

  • Trieste

  • Milan

  • Venice

  • Manarola

  • Turin

Excellence oriented. Constantly.

Creativity and innovation are the cornerstone of Idolight’s philosophy. These are reflected in our corporate gesture, whether this is the concept of a new product, customer respect or the pursuit of well-being for our employees.

Working on a daily basis to carry on manufacturing skills, industrial productivity and the quality of Made in Italy.

What we value

Close cooperation

As soon as Idolight is called to action, rapid responses with optimum solutions are given, thanks to the close cooperation between Idolight’s partner and an integrated network of worldwide branches of the company, which is always close to the customer.

Environmental Responsibility

Idolight is committed, at any corporate level, to environmental protection, helping to solve global sustainability challenges with the purpose of preserving our environment. Now and in the future.

Social Responsibility

Idolight believes in a sustainable, transparent and motivating development, capable of including in its corporate path the most diversified stakeholders. Moreover, the company constantly encourages and supports its employees which are a vital part in its business.

Business Policies

Idolight is deeply committed in assisting existing and emerging companies in their efforts to grow and develop, with the purpose of creating a team-and-networking system capable of strengthening everybody’s competitiveness.

Corporate Compliance

Idolight operates in the most responsible way, in full respect of laws and regulations of all the countries it operates in. The company does not tolerate immoral or illegal behaviors and has created its own corporate guideline, expecting all of its managers and employees to behave ethically and in full compliance with the law.

Code of Conduct for suppliers

Idolight works on a global scale with a diverse multitude of partners, to whom it firmly requires to operate in compliance with the fundamental values on human rights and environmental sustainability. Idolight will not tolerate any violation of these basic values.


Diversity and inclusion are fundamental values for Idolight. Diversity in gender, origins and age amongst Idolight’s management and employees it the first and most remarkable trait of this approach.

Idolight is committed, on a global scale, to the creation of a workplace focused on inclusion, dignity and respect of any individual involved. The company promotes a fair and accessible career opportunity. Heterogeneity in opinions, perspectives, approaches and talent are the cornerstone of a strong, flexible and competitive company.