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Easy Joint System

The connection system between Idolight products that makes everything easier

Easy Joint is the connection system specifically conceived for Idolight product that allows to link, extend and split power supplies, chains and decorations in a safe and easy way, with no tools needed.

This system allows each Idolight product to be easily connected to any other same voltage item equipped with IP67 quick attach connector.The system comes in three versions: 230V, 120V and 24/36V.

The wide range of “T” accessories and extensions allows the optimization of access points and current distribution, increasing the creative capabilities of stagings and decorations.

Three good reasons to choose Easy Joint

  • Reductions of installation times and maximum ease during staging phases, allowing a decrease of risks and costs.
  • Maximum safety is achieved thanks to IP67 screw connectors which grant absolute protection against water infiltrations.
  • Finest aesthetics of the projects and completeness of Easy Joint range allows to achieve neat and elegant wirings.