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Idolight –
20 June 2019
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The Easy Joint System latest makeover

A brand new – heavy duty coating for Idolight’s 230V family: safer products for easier installations!

Easy Joint is the connection system specifically conceived for Idolight products that allows to link, extend and split power supplies, chains and decorations in a safe and easy way, with no tools needed.

This system allows each Idolight product to be easily connected to any other same voltage item equipped with quick attach connector.

Connect products in complete safety to light up extraordinary projects!

This class guarantees devices’ protection from the effects of water immersion. Immersion may normally occur during the natural use – for instance – after an accidental fall. IP67 protection class doesn’t allow, by the way, an extended underwater use of the product, but guarantees maximum functionality of the item up to 1m in depth, for a maximum of 30 minutes. IP67 also offers seepage resistance from foreign bodies, guaranteeing that no dust could damage the device.

With the exact purpose of offering products with the highest standards in terms of quality and safety, Idolight decided to extend IP67 standards to all of its products in the 230V range, being therefore able to offer products which don’t fear outdoor deployments, even in the most harsh and unstable weather conditions.