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Idolight –
3 December 2020
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Easy, Fast, Safe

The Icicle Lights LED IC456 is installed quickly and easily and is a flexible choice for the future. It is reliable, safe and maintenance free. Available in 4 different versions, it is ideal for quick installation in many applications including entrances, eaves, facades, edges, balconies, longitudinal crossings.


Fast and safe connections without the need to cut or tamper connectors. No equipment or machinery is required for installation.
The LED IC456 Series can be connected to any Idolight Easy Joint product by simply using T-dividers and extensions.  The LED IC456 Series can be assembled by hand: simply connect and screw multiple modules to obtain the desired length, up to a maximum of 60 meters with the same power cable.


Simplicity in management and operation thanks to light materials.
The modular design supports extensions and modifications to suit any type of need.
The components are interchangeable and reusable after disassembly.
The Easy Joint system quick couplings can be assembled easily and in complete safety.