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Idolight –
20 November 2020
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The LED Strings that never ends

The LED Strings that never ends, 10 times longer than traditional LED Strings lights

Thanks to the practical 100 meter reel packaging, the ST800 LED Strings guarantees safety and speed of installation. 

It is ideal for multiple uses, divisible by need and extendable with no affection on brightness and intensity.

The ST800 LED string can in fact be extended up to 200 meters, has a very low energy consumption, and is available in 8 different versions:  

Ideal for easy and quick installation in many applications including medium to large trees, road crossings, star roofs and facades .

The IP67 protection allows outdoor use in extreme weather conditions. The power consumption is very low, only 0.46 W per meter, it can be extended up to 200 meters with a single power supply cable without any effect on brightness and light intensity.