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Idolight –
23 May 2019
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Limitless potential of RGB

White and warm white are, with no doubt, a Christmas evergreen all around the world. The simple yet filling effect of the shades of white guarantees the maximum adaptability of the decoration’s light component, allowing it to be combined with the most varied range of unlit accessories our catalogue can offer. These are the colours that cheered-up Carlisle’s streets (UK) last Christmas.

In this charming city the streets were brightened by AREIZ and AVIOR’s light.

AREIZ 350, hanging flake ideal for street crossings and facades. The power of this motif lies in its bright white LED Rope Light components, embellished by its blue plastic inserts. Gentle and elegant in its shapes, AREIZ perfectly fits installations on both modern and historical contexts.

AVIOR 350, hanging star, suitable for evocative star ceilings. Its pure white Rope Light outline encloses a golden core lit by Idolight’s LED warm white strings. A simple, classical yet efficient decoration which donates grace and elegance to any kind of context.

Nevertheless, there are cases in which a particular wow effect is required. One of the many ways we can achieve an astonishing effect is through colour: Carlisle went for a daring project, giving birth to RGB light canopies capable of light-up the streets with a limitless combination of colours.

The LED ST80 RGB strings were used in this project alongside the classical filling effect of static LEDs with the fresh look of an ever changing colour, allowing to give to the same decoration an infinite variety of shades without acting on the installation itself.

The narrow, antique streets of Carlisle glowed of a thousand and one shades thanks to a simple yet effective staging, easily accessible via our well tested remote control which guarantees a punctual intervention on the LEDs, comfortably from the ground.