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Idolight –
8 May 2019
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Midsummer night’s lights

When talking about light decorations a common misconception is that they are all about Christmas.

The truth could never be further. Light installations have much more potential than the Christmas time alone.

Suitable for the most varied contests, they are capable of embellish the most varied locations creating magic and captivating atmospheres.

Summertime is the most indicated season for the realization of light systems: parties, live concerts, festivals, weddings and more. During good weather, social happenings spring and multiply, and the moments of sharing become a crucial part of our weekly routine. These moments are the ones who will undoubtedly benefit from a wonderful, decorative and fascinating lighting, which will be an added value for your event.

When conceiving an outdoor lighting, PRO articles such as ST36 Party Lights are the item of choice for those who look for a lounge atmosphere. Our ST36 LED bulb chains can easily and quickly be linked to an already existing lighting system thanks to their standard 230 Voltage. They come in the modular shape of 12m segments – 36 bulb each – and are available in the classic White and Warm White shades alongside the fancier multicolor version, which mixes yellow, red, blue and green bulbs in the same chain.

Furthermore, to strengthen and enrich the light scenography of your event, all you need to do is to contact Idolight’s Design Team for the realization of light subjects and for the de-seasonalization of our catalogue offer.

Far beyond Christmas, whatever your event is, Idolight has the brightest ideas to lit your midsummer night’s dream.

Contact our Team and find out all you need to know to realize your projects!