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Idolight –
11 April 2019
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Multi-purpose decorations

Every Christmas decoration deserves far more than just one life. For this reason, Idolight’s Design Team creates light decorations which can find, over the time, new and different use. In order to achieve this goal, it is crucial to think how to entwine versatility and simplicity since the very beginning of the planning stage.

Kehys 400, crossable gateway, is a brilliant example of this must-tasking decoration concept.With its simple shapes, you will be able to create modular settings which can entwine ease to use and versatility: Regular and neat geometric tunnels, portals, futuristic passages with asymmetric arches, frames to embellish and add value to multiple objects as well. All of this in a single decoration!
By simply changing their disposition from one year to another, Kehys will turn entire stagings into renewed projects.

Introduced at Christmasworld 2019, Kehys is a decoration which owes its strength to its simplicity: a gold painted aluminium structure, divisible in three pieces, easy to install, dismantle, transport and store. Its low voltage warm white lights give it an elegance suitable for any context thanks to its refined design and the perfect harmony with all of the others elements of our Display collection.