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    New engaging atmospheres

    Santa House 500, crossable and livable house, is the forefather of a new decorative concept that Idolight is proud to offer: immersive scenography.

    A graceful structure, whose size is up to 5 meters, high and roomy. Shiny thanks to its warm white LEDs and precious gold painting, refined in its design and copper red garland finishes, Santa House 500 is the ideal solution to combine ornamental efficacy and utility: thanks to its conception is ideal for putting up displays or turning it in a safe place for any kind of sharing moment.

    In good company: Santa House 500 has not been conceived as an isolated motif and it is possible to combine it with a range of ornaments and furnitures specifically created in harmony with it:

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    The idea of an immersive scenography tries to bring to an end the problem of scarcely usable isles in shopping centres: this new concept by Idolight aims to turn motifs into surplus values, available and enjoyable, capable of being not only stared at but rather being lived and exploited at 360°. If you expect your decoration to be the display surface itself, SANTA HOUSE 500 is without a doubt, the solution capable of capture your curiosity and everybody else’s attention.

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