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Idolight –
12 December 2018
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Our 2018 Together

It’s 14 days to Christmas and it’s finally time to look back and, proudly but armed with sense of judgement, rewind a feverish year full of emotions and challenges.

In the very first months of 2018, shortly after the presentation of more than 40 new subjects for new collections at Christmasworld happening, we embraced the great challenge witch led us to United States, where we realized many projects with important american partners.

Spring has then come blowing a wind of change culminating in the inauguration of a brand new manufacturing facility in Reggio Emilia, deep in the beating heart of northern Italy, our home town. This grand opening was quickly followed by an empowerment of internal production, a crucial mile stone on the path that, as usual, we at IDOLIGHT pursue with the purpose of enhancing and centralizing Made In Italy.

Thanks to our relentless effort, we managed to serve more than 110 customers on a global scale with more than 450 original projects realized. The final outcome of our deeds have finally travelled through air, land and sea on a mere 91.0000 Km worldwide trip to get to every customer, even on the most remote places of the planet.

Right now, as this season is coming to its end, we’re on a roll following this wind who’s leading us towards a new year, leaving us enthusiastic and strengthened by an unmatchable optimism.

Where will this upcoming 2019 lead us? We will find it out soon. Together, as usual.

Christmas is almost here! Hurry to “dress” your locations with Idolight products: holiday shopping starts with you!