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20 July 2023
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Photo Opportunity with themed 3D decorations

Creating photo opportunities with themed 3D decorations is a great way to engage and encourage people to take selfies and make reels to share with friends and family.

These unique decors can be used at events, parties, public spaces or even in your own home.

Here there are some ideas to create photo opportunities with themed 3D decorations:

  • Create a setting that matches a specific theme, such as a world of candy, a winter wonderland or Santa’s world, discover the Candy and Brilliant Collections and provide suggestions that can enhance the photography experience.
  • Use giant puppets and props for people to play with and incorporate them into their photos.
  • Impress with giant letters or numbers spelling out important messages or dates, and allow for posing for personalized photos.
  • Create a fairytale setting or futuristic scene for Instagram-worthy snaps, and remember to make photo opportunities engaging, interactive, and visually appealing to encourage people to participate and capture memorable moments.
  • Add a hashtag or social media tag so attendees can easily find and share their photos, generate excitement around your event.

Have fun making themed projects and creating memorable moments for all visitors!
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