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Idolight –
4 July 2017
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Planning ahead to get the best results

Idolight had the opportunity to provide seasonal light decoration to the city of Nottingham last Christmas, lighting up the neo-baroque building that presides over the Old Market Square.

The display focused on creating a winter snowy atmosphere, mixing traditional festive shapes with technological yet elegant solutions. Central to the design were the giant snowflakes on the facade, switched on alternately by an external controller, and shrouded by the coloured light of the wall washer projectors.

The Christmas atmosphere was enhanced by the lazy snowfall simulated with the Color-X bars, programmed by Idolight technical and design department. The splendour of thousand of LED lights has been illuminating Nottingham’s Christmas nights, reflecting on the underlying ice rink and bewitching both children and adults.

This project has required a careful planning, initially to win the tender, then to deliver on time to our customer products that were easy to assemble and operate. A successful installation rests also on a thorough design stage: contact our design office as early as possible, we will do our best to meet your needs and create a magical Christmas together!

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