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Retail and Commercial Spaces

The right shopping atmosphere

Idolight’s products can turn any Commercial Centre into an enchanted world capable of astonishing the child and the adults. Coordinated solution for in-and- outdoor, exclusive huge-sized items, complementary decorative materials and accessories, personalized light decorations and much more. All that is needed to turn any location into a unique and interactive space. Let’s take a selfie!

Cities and Suburbs

Unique moments in the City

Unleash your urban mood! Turn buildings, monuments and any other urban context into a real technicolor light swirl. Idolight guarantees maximum safety, high quality materials and flawless aesthetics even in daylight. Make the city captivating at the eyes of locals and tourists to give everybody a unique experience.

Great Happenings

Magic atmospheres for unforgettable events

Idolight brings light decoration to the highest level with in-and-outdoor oriented tailored solutions for events and happenings.
Product launches, grand openings and galas: the right, personalized solution for any kind of event, never forgetting a jaw-dropping effect.