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  • Design, technology and exclusive materials

Design, creativity and research

Making way for ideas through brand new solutions requires a constant research effort
At Idolight it is important to observe and understand the ever-changing needs of the market, the new trends and latest technologies.

All of this allows Idolight to take into consideration any single product, innovation and uniqueness. The Idolight Design Team works with daily passion and fears no confrontation with the market and the specific needs of customers, with the purpose of creating products and solutions completely aligned with expectations.

The origin of Idolight’s products follows a well defined path: every and each idea comes to life in the shape of graphic drafts and digital renders, which feasibility is verified by the production team. They are eventually translated into actual technical drawings, waiting for the manufacture stage to start.

Ideas turn into results

Starting from the technical drawing, a 3D digital model is created. This model reflects its real counterpart in materials and dimensions.

At this stage, special care is given to the technical solution the product needs to be easy to assemble, install, dismount and store. The special heed of this phase translates into the development of solid yet light and less bulky.

The Idolight Design Office is a real resource, capable of assisting the client from the planning stage to the final result: an entourage composed of artists, designers and technicians working together with the purpose of creating finely finished and accurately planned.


Quality, tradition, innovation, safety and modularity: key words for successful products.


Idolight exclusively collaborates with certified partners, with whom it develops new alternatives to standard proposals of the decoration industry. This kind of approach allows Idolight’s customers to gain access to peerless, personalized solutions distinguished by high technological and aesthetic value.

Wide Range

Idolight offers a wide range of products, materials and accessories for any kind of decoration. Each customer can choose from a large library of materials, finishes and colours for each product, easily and freely developing its projects up to the final result.

Quality and safety

Each raw material used in Idolight’s decorations is complying with the most important international regulations and certifications. All of the lights, garlands, materials and accessories are certified as fire resistant, self extinguishing, non toxic and recyclable.

Unique and cherished materials for the decoration sector

Not only design

Idolight’s products uniqueness is not limited to the sole quality of design: beside him, a wide offer of both classic or RGB LED chains – manufactured with the latest technologies.
This range of products is composed of three voltage families: 230V, 120V, 12,24-36V.

For all of the same voltage items, Idolight created a quick connection system called Easy Joint, based on high quality connectors, safety and efficiency. The use of certified LED guarantees bright and vivid colours for the product’s entire life span.

360° light diffusion in granted by a specifically conceived hollow point polycarbonate capsule, which allows a perfect diffusion of the LED’s luminous flux.
A strict and efficient inspection system during the whole production cycle, grants those who choose Idolight multiple guarantees and a notable competitive advantage.

All of the products systematically undergo a constant testing program carried out by renown European Institutes of certifications. IMQ-GS certifications states Idolight Products’ conformity with the standards of the related regulation in terms of safety and reliability.