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Idolight –
24 January 2024
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Ramadan 2024: A Month of Celebration

Bring Magic into the Nights of Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is approaching and, in a gesture of togetherness and festivity, cities are preparing to celebrate this special occasion. Idolight illuminates the nights of Ramadan with themed structures inspired by the most significant architectures and shapes of Arab art and culture. Subjects that emphasise the importance of the night during this period.

Symbolic monuments, main streets and central squares are transformed into a mosaic of colours and lights, creating an enchanting visual experience for residents and visitors. The illuminated decorations become a form of cultural expression and an invitation to communion between people, bringing warmth and magic to all who attend this festivity.

Light the Path of Celebration

The city streets will be lit up with bright lights, creating focal points to accompany people in their night-time celebrations. Whether it is the main streets or the alleys, the lighting will make every walk a magical experience, providing an ideal atmosphere.

Squares as Bright Meeting Points

Squares will become even more attractive meeting places during Ramadan. With lights weaving through the surrounding trees and architecture, these areas will become the beating heart of celebrations, providing a welcoming space for the gathered communities

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Suggestions for the month of Ramadan