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Idolight –
9 June 2021
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Semmarine atmospheres or Gold Manama Vibes?

The Middle Eastern style is about wealth and luxury, but also about simplicity and comfort. 

Discover the traditional Middle Eastern style with contemporary elegance. If you want to add a Middle Eastern charm to your project, here are few tips to follow:

  • Select rich warm colors such as red, gold, purple, green, warm white LED to give your project a luxurious Middle Eaxstern vibe;
  • Create a floor seating with a low-level bench, then pillows all over for comfort;
  • Include art elements such as geometric patterns and organic shapes;
  • Decorate with Lanterns, an inexpensive way to add a Middle Eastern vibe to your project.

Discover Idolight’s seasonal trends. Find the perfect style for your project!