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Idolight –
18 July 2018
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Sparkling shining and… unmatched!

IDOLIGHT is always doing its best to imprint in every and each project the typical Christmas magical atmosphere. But sometimes, for how complete it may be, the widest range of offer isn’t wide enough. That’s why IDOLIGHT design team is always ready to flank the customer and accomplish every project focused on the maximum satisfaction. By melting together catalogue products and personalisations, the decorative project of the Mirabilandia theme park came to life.

The fairy-tale and playful nature of the park immediately turned out to be perfectly matching a selection of decorations by our BRILLIANT collection, the one kids love the most because of its colorful and bright subjects such as CHEF BREADY 350, winning choice to decorate the village of souvenir-and-candy shops, and IDOLIGHT Train, colorful and modular train engine customizable at the choice with wagons and carts. By working on this project, specific attention was paid not only to the lighting but to an all-round concept of decoration capable of the best performance even at daylight, exploiting the specific features of multi color garlands.

Not only empty spaces to be filled: in Mirabilandia the creativity of Design Team was freely released, coming up to smart solutions such as SANTA’S HAT 110, the traditional red and white bobble hat specifically conceived and designed to fit an already existing decoration in the park.
But in amusement parks, it is well known, kids are the real bosses, and – talking about Christmas – they’re the most demanding and tough customers: so here we go with the evergreen 3D Santa Claus MR KRISS 300, giant as usual, more colorful than ever, to give the final, magical Christmas touch to this project.