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Idolight –
3 October 2019
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Change the mood in no time!

Two strings in one. Now in low voltage.

Idolight is constantly committed in the empowerment of its range of offer with new and functional products. One of the most recent introductions in Idolight’s catalogue is represented by the impressive ST42 Twincolor LED string. 
Thanks to its technology, this string is capable of changing color by simply inverting its source connector. With this simple action, it will be easy to skip from white to warm white in the blink of an eye, with no need of changing the string itself or to purchase a new one, giving your motif a real double life
The Twincolor system is also automatable thanks to a dedicated controller, which will automatically handle the color switch.

Disegno bozza installazione

Brand new in the Low Voltage version, Twincolor system is the ideal luminous component to light ground motif, trees and crowd-close decorations up.