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Idolight –
19 April 2018
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Strolling under a starlit sky

Thanks to LED Falling Stars, magic dresses the Christmas atmosphere! Asynchronous LED descents constitute the technological heart of this product: each Falling Star is managed by a specific controller that works independently, achieving a unique and exclusive light effect to light up the sky.

This product is available in different sizes extendable in length and height, joining together one, four or six-descents modules, obtaining a suggestive irregular effect.

Thanks to their versatility, Falling Stars are ideal in different situations: to give a touch of light to gardens or trees, to enliven squares’ skies or to follow boulevards’ paths.

The result will always be original thanks to maximum freedom during installation.

We are aware that, in order to achieve the best result, it is essential to start on time: share with us your projects right now, Idolight is ready to offer the solution that best suits your needs.

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