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Idolight –
27 February 2023
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Summer vibes

Summer, the season of heat, sun, sea and light-heartedness.

Time to recharge your batteries, relax and be reborn, between dives and waves, rest, fun, entertainment and happiness. All of this can only be accompanied by custom-made decorations in terms of shapes and sizes.

Light up spring and summer in a sustainable way!

Decorations produced with recycled and recyclable materials, hanging or floor-standing solutions: they are all you need to enrich and make your location unique in a sustainable way.
Thanks to the use of innovative materials and techniques, you can count on maximum customization for a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns.
Storage space will be minimized and you can count on quick and easy transport and assembly.
Surprise everyone with imaginative, inspiring and sustainable arrangements that will always guarantee performance up to expectations.
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