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Idolight –
22 March 2019
Logo Idolight

Idolight’s new catalogue is here

The 2019-20 Products Catalogue it’s ready to assist you! Request it now, in the traditional or electronic form.

You will find all of the wide range of brand new products our Design Team created, lit by the latest innovations the industry can offer!

Idolight’s Catalogue is the instrument of choice if your task is to realize your projects in a fast, easy and linear way, exploiting the well tested Idolight procedure which – online or via traditional ways – leads to the realization of unique and tailored projects focused on the full satisfaction of the most different needs.

The catalogue, with all of the technical and commercial details about Idolight universe, will be the starting point of a path which will begin with your ideas and – in few and easy steps – end up with a final outcome specifically tailored for your needs, thanks to Idolight’s expertise:

  • The very first step, the identification of the main purposes of the project, starts with the determining of the project and the evaluation of a budget;
  • Right next comes the presentation, by our Design Team, of the project alongside the estimated economic proposal;
  • Further comes the realization stage, where the actual manufacture starts;
  • Final step is an efficient and dedicated after-sales;

Bring your projects to life! Uniqueness, quality and safety at your service, with Idolight!