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Idolight –
26 November 2018
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The exclusive flashing experience

Have you ever found yourself strolling down the street staring at some disappointing, pale decorations? Everyone loves the Christmas festive look, but sometime the realisation doesn’t meet the initial target making an impact.Idolight has the ideal solution to make even the most minimal of the projects a guaranteed success: the precious flashing LED ST42!
Thanks to its equipment – among the static ones – of white flashing LEDs, it can create a charming motion effect, capable of giving vivacity and stroboscopic lighting to subjects, decorations, plants or architecturals, turning simple mediocre settings into modern and elegant ones!

LED ST42, with their safe low 24V voltage, are specifically conceived to cut their on space out in ground stagings, ad have largely been used in urban projects among shops, squares and parks. Handy, safe and fashioned, they’re particularly advisable to back up, in settings, conventional static lights, giving a classy and dynamic touch.

Equipped with our exclusive, ultra-rapid and modular Easy Joint system, they perfectly interact and marry with any other same voltage component, and can be modularly linked to any other connector of IDOLIGHT family.
Hurry up and purchase now, a little over a month before Christmas, your own flashing touch with our light chains!