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Idolight –
5 June 2019
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The great challenge of Made in Italy

Design and local artisans: a perfect match to reach peerless quality

Made in Italy has always been one of Idolight’s fundamental values, today even more, thanks to a new facility that has allowed local artisans to create products of the highest aesthetic quality.

The optimization of corporate synergies, a firmer and precise control over production stages and a transformation process – from graphic design to manufacturing – agile and efficient as never before, are the goals this grand opening allowed to achieve. A strict quality control, a well known and distinctive trait of Idolight, has now become even stronger and better.

Made in Italy has always been one of our strengths. We are proud to offer our customers huge value-added products.

Thanks to the new manufacturing facility and new born job opportunities, Idolight’s family is constantly growing strong and prosperous.

New carpenters, production technicians and professionals of logistics are now at the service of every Idolight’s customer, contributing to the creation of the value which the market – and each client and partner – rewards day by day, showing a never-ending love for the quality and care for details that only Made in Italy can guarantee