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Idolight –
22 April 2020
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The most advanced LED technology

Discover how to create magical experiences to excite, astonish and surprise your customers!

The right lighting can create a special atmosphere and thanks to Color-X products, your building will be transformed in a white canvas on which you’ll be able to paint true digital masterpieces!
Installations of this kind guarantee a modern, technological and high-profile look to your buildings, attracting wide interest and a large number of spectators, producing a very good investment in terms of profitability.

All our innovative range of Pixel controlled RGB LED products, shares the same technology: this allows you to control different products through a single controller, which you can use to manage the programming and the desired effects, such as animations  and video-messages.

Once acquired, Color-X products can be autonomously programmed and managed through specific commercial softwares, making them highly customisable and with unlimited potential throughout time!

Finally you get to be the director of your own installation! Design, transfer data via SD card to your installation and manage it live with your computer!