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Idolight –
6 December 2018
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Time’s up!

As usual this year, after moths of hard and passionate work, Christmas is – by now – at the gates.

At IDOLIGHT we are indeed now focused on completing the very last logistic details to accomplish those few pending shippings, fully committing in one of the strongest amongst our creed and distinctive tracts: punctuality on delivery.
Aware of how crucial Christmas light decorations are to everybody’s heart, our December activity turns towards exact and excellent accomplishment of projects, moving the centre of gravity from design to logistic and installation activities, with special regards to a nurturing effort in after-sales support. Exploiting strong synergies and a decade old experience on the field, IDOLIGHT is, indeed, capable of efficiently managing all those stages from packaging to inaugural lighting.

All of this, obviously, comes without forgetting the peculiar needs of serial latecomers. All of those who are, by nature, always out of time will find IDOLIGHT to be their safe heaven. Thanks to our customer care and an orchestral coordination with our  internal production, our design team is, sure enough, capable of taking charge and successfully accomplish even the most late coming projects, prying on rationalisation of time – especially when it’s running out – and capitalisation of storage.

If you’ve already organised your staging or if the streets of your home town are already lit and shining ready for the celebrations, all that’s left for you to do is to hurry for the last minute shopping enjoying the enchanted atmosphere of Christmas. But if your streets are in desperate need of decorations or if you’re one of those who still haven’t arranged a well-suited decoration for your business, don’t give up: we could be already at work for you!