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Idolight –
27 June 2019
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Vintage flavoured magic atmospheres

Embellish your nights with Party Lights and Idolight’s belt lights!

Romantic, elegant, delicate, suggestive. The endless qualities of Idolight’s ST36 Party Lights can’t be told within few lines.

Easy to install even in the most creative configurations, thanks to their suffuse irradiation their are capable of creating a magic and evocative atmosphere both in their most typical warm white tint and in their richer multicolor version chain.

Every season, courtyard, glimpse and each happening deserve a special and remarkable spot lighting: with Idolight’s products, there is the right product for every situation! 

Strong in their IP67 protection class and their double insulated rubber cable, ST36 were born to an even prolonged outdoor duty, and can be deployed as a mobile illumination system to enrich locations supposed to host parties, weddings, receptions and refreshments.

Idolight’s Party Lights are entirely realized with LED technology, produced in 12 meter segments, easily attachable to a conventional electric 230V line, extendable up to 240 meters, allowing to easily cover wide open spaces .

Idolight’s ST36 come in three different variants: white, warm white and multicolor, mutually combinable. For this reason Idolight’s party lights are suitable for unique and creative realizations, having as their only bout the bounds of your own fantasy.

If you aim to create more traditional stagings, you might want to take a closer look to our belt light BL E27 50. The chain comes in 50 meter modules, it is particularly suitable for outdoor seasonal mid-term oriented lightings, with a semi-permanent nature. Each section is lit by 50 LED LB E27 bulbs, lamps with Edison screw which come in both white and warm white colours.

Protected by IP67 class standards, our BL E27 50 don’t even fear the harshest weathers. It’s single lamp holders allow to quickly and easily replace bulbs, avoiding tedious braking and unpleasant blind spots along the belt.