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Idolight –
4 June 2020
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What Color-X shade are you applying today?

A pop of color to brighten up your special events with our Color-X tunnel of lights

Our Color-X products are all autonomously controllable through a single controller: this allows for the programming of highly personalised solutions, able to amaze and involve everyone with real light performances.

From today, thanks to DMX TUNNEL, you’ll be able to manage independently all the effects you desire. Starting from video-animations, up to coloured play of light, DMX TUNNEL is the perfect ally to make memorable your events!
This kaleidoscope of colours will allow you to realise amazing scenarios to take unforgettable photo memories of sure success!

In its standard version the product is 3m wide and 3m high, with a length of 15m, but thanks to its modular construction it can be extended or shortened to meet your needs.

What are you waiting for? Request now our ready to use programmable Color-X lights tunnel and enjoy the show!