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Idolight –
19 September 2018
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When less is more

Outlets and Malls have always been the most concerned among the customers on the quest for brand new and iconic light decors. While conceiving these king of settings, peculiar complexity lies in being able to create a balanced harmony between identity of hosted brands and a suitable decorative effectiveness.

Cornerstone of Idolight – Scalo Milano project was a masterful study, which led to choose a low profile style project. Right after an accurate examination of the context, Idolight Design Team opted for slimming down the visual effect by moving the focal point on two predominant subjects, set in the centers of gravity of the outlet: Lancy and Hally.

A Lancy 800, enriched by a precious personalized star shaped top and gold-silver limited garland was designated to the welcoming of visitors at main entrance.

Consistently with the minimal mood of this project, visitor cant stroll trough the centre meeting step by step such delicate warm white strings dressing up trees on boulevards and white festoons, golden lit – wrapping balustrades and railings, eventually reaching luxury square where they can let themselves get charmed by the keystone of the staging: Hally.

Hally 600, with his majestic Tail 1400, is actually the strong point of the entire setting: impressive yet slender, this comet with his 6m star and a 14m tail span, overlooks the square attracting more than one gaze, adding an otherwise out of reach surplus value not only to its location but rather to the whole outlet.