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Idolight –
13 May 2020
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When tradition meets innovation

Incredible custom-made solutions to satisfy your every need

Original and captivating results are within reach if you rely on Idolight designers’ expertise. Let yourself be amazed by cutting-edge solutions, with original colours and shapes, without overlooking traditional silhouettes.

Idolight offers a wide range of products, materials and accessories for every kind of decoration that, thanks to our support, can be easily transformed in striking and modern projects.

The tailor-made product DIAMOND TREE, manufactured on demand in 3 different sizes, is the prime example of our whole philosophy. 

The simple conical shape, the traditional Christmas Tree’s archetype, is embellished by geometrical inserts which move up the silhouette: the PMMA translucent coloured panels confer a daytime effect to the tree, while allowing hundreds of full flashing LED fixed on the underneath structure, to shine through. Each edge is then further enriched by an outline of programmable RGB strip: the chasing effect chosen for this product becomes eye-catching, making the shopping experience always new and fascinating for the customer.

The frame, thoughtfully designed to ease the installation and storage processes, is also declined in the pass-through variant, to maximise the user interaction with the product and let him stroll bewitched under the starry sky of this technological jewel!

Keep in mind that you still have three weeks to request a tailor-made product! Contact our team through the dedicated My Idolight section on our website: we can’t wait to offer you our best solutions!


Set-up this sparkling tree and let it flood every space with endless and unique color combinations!