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27 September 2023
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Your Awesome Christmas Tree

Choosing Idolight Led Pro lights is the perfect way to decorate your Christmas tree

When it’s time to decorate your Christmas tree, choosing the right lights is essential. Idolight LED Pro lights are the ideal solution to bring your Christmas tree to life in a magical and spectacular way.

Outstanding Brightness and Extraordinary Duration

Idolight LED Pro light chains are professional products designed to offer exceptional brightness. They are strong and durable, ensuring that your tree continues to shine year after year. Safety is our priority and our lights are designed to be completely safe both during installation and use

Customize Your Project

With a wide range of options to choose from, you can customize your Christmas decoration project without any compromises. You can opt for different lengths, LED densities, colours and effects. Whether you want a beautiful, simple bright tree or a richer, more opulent look, our lights give you the flexibility to realise your vision.

Infinity Options

You can choose the length that best suits your tree.
And if you really want to express your creativity, why not opt for RGB Strings? These lights offer a range of light effects based on colour changing, all pre-programmed in the included controller. Alternatively, you can choose DMX Strings for projects with custom programming.

Choose Idolight LED Pro lights for your Christmas tree and create a truly unforgettable Christmas atmosphere. Let your creativity run wild and transform your tree into a luminous wonder that will bring joy and warmth to everyone during the festive season.

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