Color-X Range, with its RGB coloured – DMX protocol controlled products, allow the planning of solutions beyond any immagination.
These products allow the reproduction of video-animations ad effects for unique animated stagings, tunnels, canopies, trees, huge sized outdoor video-walls and much more.


RGB controlled products allow to play animations and video-messages.

Color-X is an innovative system of Pixel Controlled – RGB LED products. Pixel Controlled technology allows the planning and playing of desired effects, such as animations or video-messages. All of the Color-X Products share the same Pixel Controlled technology and are therefore controllable under the same Controller, giving the chance of creating integrated multimedia projects.

Color-X series can count on a wide range of dedicated Easy Joint accessories which allow, in a fast and easy way, to quickly and safely create any kind of connection. Once purchased, the product can be autonomously managed and programmed via various software available on the market.

Manage an infinite range of spectacular effects

Design, record on SD card and transfer your animation to the product, or control it live in “Real Time”