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Discover new Work Together area

We work together covering long distances too. Discover all the opportunities offered by a “MyIdolight” account.
Receive a tailor-made project from Idolight following 3 simple steps: Capture, Submit, Receive.


Take pictures in multiple views of the subject
you’re planning to decorate,
with a medium/high resolution.


Send us your photos along with all the key details, specifications, requirements and some ideas of your project.


Get our proposals tailored to your specific tastes
and needs and choose the one
which suits you better.

Access to Work Together area

To access Work Together area you need to be logged in. If you already own an account, click here to log in.

How can you upload your first project?

Watch our video tutorial

Uploading projects

Access Work Together area after your log-in at MyIdolight > Work Together and upload your first project by clicking on “Upload Project Request”

Project List

From “Project List” page, you can see all the pending projects, as well as the closed ones and those that are being developed.

Project Management

Once your request has been sent, Idolight will develop the commission and get back to you with a project based on the uploaded images.
As soon as the proposal is ready, you’ll be notified by email. In your Account page you’ll be able to view and download the renderings and, if necessary, ask for further changes.

Updating the project, it will go back at development stage: Previous renderings will be hidden and replaced by the new proposal once ready.

Finalising the Project

Once the proposal is accepted, it will be flagged as closed by Idolight and you’ll be notified by mail.