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Idolight –
8 May 2024
Logo Idolight

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To enchant, entertain and amuse…

To celebrate festivals and events, create a Giant and Unique Light Decoration that represents the community, emotions and entertains the public, giving an invaluable added value to the place and celebrated event.

To enhance a stadium, an arena, a theme park, an aquarium…
To embellish squares and city entrances, shopping centers and factory outlets…
To celebrate events, festivals and anniversaries…

With a 1 of 1 Idolight creation, designed and tailor-made in a single specimen, we can transform logos or symbols into a spectacular and interactive 3D light installation, create personalized writings and mascots in ‘Giant’ format.

Exclusive materials and accessories, unique 3D printed finishes, inserts and laser engravings, obsessive attention to detail of products strictly ‘made in Italy‘.

Getting information is simple, request your appointment directly here, in person or virtual.
Our Design office will support you to design your ideal solution together.